Welcome home chooks!



My partner and I have been talking for months about starting our very own little family of chooks and this week we finally did! Feels great to do our part for the environment by reducing our food waste and using it for the chickens to eat. In turn they can then provide us with some lovely fresh free range eggs and a great fertilizer for our veggie patch!

As a teacher who is passionate about sustainability and hands-on outdoor learning spaces, I am eager to learn more about my new chooks and explore the many benefits they can provide in a school environment.


3 thoughts on “Welcome home chooks!

  1. HI Laura, as an “urban hippie” this has made my day! We need more chooks on the planet! Pre-service teachers with this idea of sustainability are invaluable, we need more of you!

  2. Great Laura, hope they are settling in well! We are getting our chooks on Thursday and I have two very excited children awaiting their arrival. I’m with you regarding the whole cycle that chooks provide in the garden and such a valuable lesson for children.

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