A shift in understanding…

Earlier today I was looking through my ‘camera roll’ on my smartphone and found a bunch of pictures that I had saved from a couple of months ago of what I predicted to be ‘the future learning spaces of the 21st century’. And boy have my predictions changed…

Prior to undertaking the online unit EDFD459: Learning Spaces, I understood the future of learning on a quite superficial level. I predicted that technologies would continue and continue to evolve and modernize and learning would no longer even have to take place in a typical school environment- everything would be driven by TECHNOLOGY.

In a way you could say my understandings were somewhat ignorant and oblivious to the ‘bigger picture’- our environment. I didn’t consider how our resources were not limitless and they would inevitably deplete, at the expense of our environment. I rarely thought about the endless benefits of learning THROUGH nature and working towards a sustainable future. Instead my vision was blurred by technology- children were indoors sitting on fancy futuristic furniture using fancy futuristic computers.


I have really begun to see the future of education through a new lens. I now see children with their gumboots on getting muddy, digging and gardening, feeding animals, and learning about sustaining the earth. Yes we live in the ‘digital age’ but rather than using and abusing these resources and damaging our earth, educators can redirect learning to focus on sustainability by using (not depending on) technology as a tool to help achieve it. Technology is so powerful and can be so effective and engaging, so if used collaboratively and efficiently, I am hopeful that the ‘future of learning’ can ultimately improve our world.

I invite you all to visit my ‘page’ on Future Learning Spaces for more information on how the future of learning might look in the year 2063.




Teachers Training International. (2013). Two Different Views Of The Classroom Of The Future? [Digital Image]. Retrieved from: http://teacherstraining.com.au/two-different-views-of-the-classroom-of-the-future/


5 thoughts on “A shift in understanding…

  1. I have also found that my perceptions of the future of learning and learning spaces has changed completely. When creating the design my future learning space I found myself considering the environment and all the different things we have been discussing in EDFD this semester and I can’t believe how far my understanding of the future of learning and learning spaces has come. I also at the beginning of the unit was thinking of the future of learning and learning spaces as meaning an increased amount of technology and the type of technology. But now I am also starting to see it as going to an outdoor and real-life based way of learning rather than students just sitting in the classroom for the majority of the day. I also really love your comment about how hopefully the future of learning can ultimately improve our world. I think this is a great idea and I hope it will happen too.

  2. Great post Laura! My thoughts have also changed. I initially believed technology is the future of learning, as it been so revolutionary in 21st century learning. This unit has reminded me how important the environment is, and how we need to be sustainable to protect our natural resources for future generations. Hopefully students will still have the opportunity to learn through nature when we are teachers!

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